15 November 2008

Unabashed Pain: Night 2, post-tonsillectomy

Well, I keep hearing that days three to five are the most painful so I'm gearing up emotionally, reminding myself that I can take that next sip of ice cold water; the pain is not bigger than me and my extra-strength Vicodin. But it is proving itself a worthy opponent, that's for damn sure. As I pee my life away (staying hydrated is of the utmost importance, pain-wise), I think about what a mind-fuck all of this is. I have to talk myself into the next thing I will swallow, wincing the entire time. I am afraid to go to sleep for fear of what it will feel like waking up with a dry open wound in my mouth.
Who wants to make out?


LSisland said...

i dont know if this is news to you or not, i just thought youd be



Sammy Pants said...

I wish I were there to change your gauze and feed you soup. Miss you.