05 December 2008

Unabashed Idealism: The Retarded Prom Queen

Every time this commercial from the mysterious Foundation For A Better Life airs, I brace myself for someone in the crowd to yell "retard!" or for a bucket of pig's blood to fall on her from above. If I was this down syndrome girl's mother, I would snatch her off that stage so fast her tiara would spin. She is not some mongoloid martyr there to make this group of kids feel P.C. And you know there is some bitch posse in the corner talking shit on her: "I can't believe that retard won. Fuck her, I'm gonna kick her ass on Monday."


andalusian said...

Is this a pro-choice ad?

suzbonfiglio said...

That election was obviously rigged. WTF?

Kate said...

What does it mean if I laughed really hard?