06 January 2009

Unabashed Lifetime Preview: Prayers for Blah-bby

Oh Christ. After two months of hearing Nicole Sullivan and Carson Kressley squeal "Falalala Lifetime," the preview for Lifetime's "Red Carpet Event" and new gay suicide sad film, Prayers For Bobby, starring Sigourney Weaver, seems to be on a constant loop .

I watched the preview on mute: Two teenage boys walking down train tracks. Que Origanale! Shivers down my spine. The bigger boy is giving the other a noogie. He is hot. They are brothers. Next shot. Little brother sitting forlornly on a train platform as the train goes by. "I wish I could be on that train. I don't care where it's going just get me out of this godforsaken town." Next, a close-up of Sigourney, thin-lipped and angry at a crying son, perhaps, just maybe Bobby? Uh-oh, Bobby is on an overpass looking down, tears streaming. Cut to Sigourney at a 1970s kitchen table praying. Now she's screaming. Now she's walking through a crowd wearing a rainbow button on her lapel with people protesting, elaborate signs that have the word "GAY" crossed out. Now she's speaking passionately at a podium. White people clap for her. I think I get it. The end.

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