31 March 2009

Unabashedly Lecherous Legend: Bruce Vilanch at the Gay Porn Awards

This man here--the one with the pussy pouch, titties, and innertube of skin jelly around his jaw-- is a lecherous legend in Hollywouldn't. He's very sweet but he will fondle your junk, have no illusions about that. I've met Bruce a few times, we even had dinner once a few years ago. I paid for him to eat an Argentinean speciality--a plate of melted cheese--and then scarf down a steak. After dinner he asked if I wanted him to eat my ass and I said, "Bruce, haven't you had enough to eat?"

I sat down with him on Saturday during the run-throughs for the 2009 GayVN Awards. GayVN is the gay part of the AVN Media Network--Adult Video News--cause there's so much news to be covered in the porn industry. Whatves.

Read my interview with Bruce Vilanch, who, even post-molestation, I still love.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

eee, brucie is one big ol' weirdo. was he high or something, or does he always talk that way? it's amazing the oscars aren't filled with any subtle profanity...unless i'm just missing it...

- tom